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Clear guidance on Tech, SEO, and AI.

Tired of ‘gurus’ flooding your inbox? This is different—no fluff, just practical advice tailored to your growth.

JOIN MY LIST for personalized strategies that demystify these topics, empowering your business to thrive. Rest assured, my focus is solely on helping your business succeed, not mine.


Do you feel stuck...

Tech Troubles

Tech hurdles, from setting up a website to managing digital tools, can be overwhelming…

Juggling Everything

The challenge lies in balancing various tasks while ensuring you stay on top of everything

Mental Gridlock

You are caught in a cycle of inaction, overthinking, and striving for perfection

I'm here to help coaches and consultants like you go from 0 to 1 effortlessly.

My expertise encompasses website development, podcast launch, blog creation, newsletter management, and online marketing. I have a strong understanding of how online businesses operate, and all of these skills are designed to support you in taking that vital first step in your coaching journey.


1:1 Consultation

Have you recently left your corporate job with a passion for coaching or consulting? Do you yearn to serve others but find yourself lost in the maze of online gurus promising “easy tactics” that yield little progress?

Here’s where I come in. I specialize in transforming tech-related stress and setup headaches into a seamless and efficient experience. My mission is to liberate you from technical worries, allowing you to serve your clients without distraction wholeheartedly.

WordPress Mechanic Services

Are you a coach or consultant in need of a WordPress specialist? Allow me to introduce Shan, your dedicated WordPress expert boasting over 7 years of experience in website construction and maintenance.

WordPress is the preferred platform for the majority of coaches and consultants today, yet it can be a complex system. 

You may sometimes find yourself stuck, investing significant hours in resolving issues. The frustration of scouring Google for solutions only to remain puzzled can be a substantial headache. This is where I step in – your problem is my solution.

Podcast Setup

Are you a coach or consultant looking to share your valuable insights with a global audience in 2023? The power of podcasting cannot be understated, but starting your own podcast can be a daunting task. 

You might have great ideas, but in today’s crowded podcast market, will they truly stand out? 

And, even if you have fantastic ideas, navigating the complex world of technology and AI can be especially challenging if you’re not a tech-savvy individual.

Hello, this is Barry Shore, the Ambassador of JOY. I’ve worked with Shan Naqvi for over a year. He is Smart, Professional, Responsive, and Creative.
You will benefit from working with him.
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