Featured on CEO BlindSpots Podcast

I had the privilege of joining Birgit Kamps on the CEO BlindSpots podcast, where we engaged in a wonderful conversation. Birgit asked insightful questions, making it a truly engaging and enlightening discussion. We delved into topics surrounding business growth, technology, and explored how businesses can harness technology for their growth strategies. A good listen for anyone seeking valuable insights!

Barry Shore

Stress Coach

Hello, this is Barry Shore, the Ambassador of JOY. I’ve worked with Shan Naqvi for over a year. He is Smart, Professional, Responsive, and Creative.
You will benefit from working with him.

Richard Forbes

Senior Program Manager

It is a pleasure to recommend Shan. We needed help with web development and branding and a mutual friend recommended him. He helped us with developing the concept and was able to get us to launch successfully in roughly a month.
Shan has grasped most of the modern technologies and quick learning capability ensures that he stays updated with the recent advancements. He is professional and easy to work with. Shan will add great value to his clients and help them achieve their goals.

Dr. DeVaughn Dames

RTP BizDevelopment

We are very excited to have Shan Naqvi as an integral part of our global team at RTP Funding as our Chief Web Officer. He is really a great guy to talk about difficult areas on web design and e-commerce. His knowledge will consume you. We have the same mindset for growth potential on the topics of global business and its direction. It’s a pleasure working with Shan and our relationship is amazing. Keep on doing a great job, Shan. We really appreciate you and your talents. God Bless.

Jeff Klein

CEO Speaker CoOf

Shan is a diligent and motivated person. We have done several things together digitally and he’s always delivered what he promised he would.
He asked for some advice and was quick to act on it and to ask great questions.
If you have the chance to work with Shan, you should.

I wrote a book.

The Start-up Business Guide: 50 First Steps Every Successful Founder Completes in their First Year

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Jared Levenson

Eating Enlightenment

Shan has been helping me development my blog at https://eatingenlightenment.com for over a year now. I’d previously hired agency web developers but were overly priced high and their work wasn’t as good as Shan’s! Shan is great to work with. He understands ideas quickly and is nearly 100% fluent in English. He’s motivated, etc. Great guy to work with.

Paul Hoyt

Business Coach

I was honored to get support from Shan on a couple of web development projects, and found him to be very capable, hard working, and reliable. He is a very bright and resourceful young man!

I've received praise from the world's finest educators.

In 2021, I received heartfelt praise from Sam Thorpe, a remarkable individual based in the UK.

Her words were profoundly impactful and continue to resonate within me. Sam, an exceptional artist and coach, I am grateful for your words. Thank you.