I wrote a book.

The Start-up Business Guide: 50 First Steps Every Successful Founder Completes in their First Year

Everything you need to know to survive your first year in business, and grow sustainably for many years thereafter.

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Web development & SEO.


At CrisisFreedom.com, I was the driving force behind creating and enhancing the website from start to finish. I took on various technical challenges to ensure a smooth development process. Collaborating with Vlad Solovetski, an exceptional designer, we partnered closely from the project’s inception to bring it to life. Together, we navigated hurdles, solved problems, and built an outstanding final website from scratch.

SEO, Copywriting & Content Writing.


At EatingEnlightenment.com, I played a pivotal role in crafting an impactful SEO strategy and refining the website’s overall approach. Collaborating closely with Jared, I contributed significantly to content creation, leveraging our combined expertise to develop engaging and informative materials. Our concerted efforts resulted in an impressive growth trajectory, propelling the website from its inception to a substantial 40,000 visitors—a testament to our strategic approach and compelling content.

Chief Web Officer.


For over 3 years, I served as the Chief Web Designer at RTP-Bizdevelopment. My primary responsibilities revolved around overseeing the website and tackling intricate issues within the ODOO CMS. Additionally, I was instrumental in crafting sales funnels and developing business strategies, contributing significantly to the company’s digital presence and operational efficiency.

Marketing Consultant.


For over 3 years, I’ve been an integral part of BarryShore.com, contributing to various aspects of the business. My roles have included managing podcasts, devising effective marketing strategies, and crafting compelling sales copy. I continue to work with them, supporting their ongoing success in these areas.

Web designer.


For 2 years at Joy Publications, I held the roles of Web Designer and Web Manager. During this time, I oversaw a large portfolio of websites, handled content creation, and constructed effective online business strategies. My efforts contributed to enhancing the company’s online presence and operational success.